Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hello! My name is Ava. 
Welcome to My Blog, Ostomy Philosophy!

Honestly, prior to 3 months ago, I hadn't heard of the word 'ostomy' despite having Crohn's Disease for the past 14 years. Unfortunately, the disease progressed so far that surgery was really my only option. I was sick of not living my best life.

Well, after having surgery on September 6, 2013, that's what I'm making the effort to do now, live my best "me"!!! I now have an ileostomy and I'm moving forward without regret. My GI doctor told me for a long time that I needed to have surgery and that I would be so much happier afterwards. I'm not sure that I'm happy with not being able to handle my bathroom business normally (what is normal anyway??) but one thing is for sure, I feel better. I also look better and I am able to eat what the heck I want! For all my fellow IBD'ers, you know that is A PLUS!!

Please sit a spell and take a ride on this literary journey. God has brought me a really long way! I am glad you're here with me to witness and experience whatever else He has in store. It's guaranteed to be adventurous!

Feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comments section or email me personally.

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