Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Death Doesn't Frighten Me

I had to write a poem for my African American Women Writers Class (taught by the incomparable Professor Carla Jones). I was instructed to write a poem in a style similar to one of the poems by the great Maya Angelou, "Life Doesn't Frighten Me". Please take a moment and view her poem here. I wanted to share mine with you guys. So, here goes:

Death Doesn’t Frighten Me
By A.M.W.

Handwriting’s on the wall
Seen many a close call
Death doesn’t frighten me at all

Many times being revived
Like a cat with nine lives
Death doesn’t frighten me at all

Constantly feeling pain
Coursing through my tender frame
It doesn’t frighten me at all

Doctors try and fake it
But they're not sure if I will make it
That doesn't frighten me at all

I say ok
Must be this way
And try to smile
All the while
Sometimes I cry
And ask God why
He says it won’t last
This too shall pass.
Death doesn’t frighten me at all

I’ve suffered infirmity
Like the Apostle Paul
Hard E.R. cots, twists and knots
In my abdominal wall

The saints stayed by my bedside
They prayed all day and night
The doctors said, with surgery
That I would be alright

Though ICU, and wires and tubes
Was a rough recovery
After 15 years of suffering
Even with a bag, I’m free

In this story of survival
Though often suicidal
I’ve found so much solace in
that good book called the Bible

Totally free from sickness now
God did my needs, supply
He said “It’s not your time to go”
I was too young to die
But death doesn’t frighten me at all

Not at all
Not at all

Death doesn’t frighten me AT ALL!

Thanks for reading, Please share your thoughts. 

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