Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Stomaversary

On September 6, in the year of 2013, I had a life altering surgery that involved removing my colon and left me with a permanent ileostomy. Life as I knew it immediately changed for the better, and I wouldn't take back those brutally sick days or that awful colon for neither fortune or fame. 

Many of my readers know my story...but what you may not know is that every year on this date, I've taken the opportunity to really celebrate the gift of life. A life that was almost snuffed out so many times due to Crohn's Disease that I've lost count. On 9/6, I intentionally spend time doing something that causes me to reflect on God's goodness, but I also take time to just celebrate Ava. Yup, it's my Stomaversary!!! 

And this year's no different...I spent my entire day at the "Get Motivated" seminar at the Liacouras Center. In a room of 1000+ folks, there I sat alone, taking it all in. As I listened to speaker after speaker, and quote after quote, I began meditating....pondering on the many hopes and dreams that I'm still working on achieving. I pray and dream A LOT (Way more than I did when I felt I had no hope) and they are both finally starting to come into fruition. I know I'm not alone. There were other dreamers, hopers, pray-ers, and visionaries in that room...and you've still got hopes, dreams, goals and visions that refuse to lay down and die. You still pray and dream and even cry it out sometimes. 

The same way I made the decision to change my life for the good 3 years ago (even though it didn't seem good at the time), I chose to do today. Changing your life starts with a decision. But you've got to do one thing: START. No, you may not have all the answers, but you'll only remain a hamster on a wheel if you don't decide to stop the madness, get off and go after that life you've dreamed of. Just start. You'll figure the rest out. Let the spirit be your guide. PEOPLE NEED YOU! Please...please...Don't die with the unfulfilled vision inside of you. 

Repeat after me: The rest of my life will be the best of my life. (Put it on a post-it note a'la Mary Jane style :) and say it even after it begins to materialize) 

"If you're casual about your dream, you may wind up being a casualty!" -------------"You've got to die to bad habits before you can give birth to who you were called to be" - Les Brown

Greatness Is In You!

(Don't judge Ava. She knows it's 9/7 now. Ava was out celebrating life, lol. - now go celebrate yours) ❤️

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