Monday, June 9, 2014

100 Happy Days Challenge

Just a month or so ago, I was inspired to take part in something called the 100 Happy Days Challenge. It involved taking a picture of something/someone that made you feel happy throughout the course of the day. It could be a relaxing moment after a long work day, a baby's smile, etc. It is not meant as a happiness competition, but its purpose is to help one recognize the beauty in their own life.

I embarked on this challenge and began posting my photos to Instagram. It actually was so interesting how my days were filled with so much joy that I was snapping photos of everything that happened and at the end of the day, I was battling with myself over which photo to post. I consider myself to be a pretty happy person, but actually this 'experiment' (if you will) made me become more alert and notice exactly WHAT sparked my happiness, and it also made me go about my days being happy INTENTIONALLY, in spite of what came my way.

HOWEVER, I did not make it to the end of the challenge. It was not because I forgot to take photos one day and got off track. It wasn't because something happened to my iPhone. It wasn't even because I got too busy and intentionally being happy somehow got shuffled to the bottom of the deck. What happened was, I realized that I am just not happy everyday. About 15 days in, I hit a brick wall so hard that I didn't think I would quickly recover. The worst part was, the next day, I hit another, and then another. I'm not just talking bad days, but crying days, angry days, days I felt hopeless. Adjusting to life as an ostomate has not been easy.

I had to be reminded that God didn't promise that every day would be rosy, but I have been given an extra dose of grace and mercy to handle those rough moments. I'm doing so much better now..and looking back on those pictures I took during the Happy Challenge helped me to rebound. In fact, I'm about to start the challenge over again. Because I am determined that whatever comes my way, I can overcome it. In spite of the tough jabs that life throws sometimes, I can find something beautiful and awe-inspiring in each day. One main thing is: I am alive...and a new day brings new opportunities to get it right. I want to encourage you today to Live (and Smile, genuinely) on purpose.

Here are some of my photos that I shared during the challenge: 
Happiness after a long Resurrection Day choir rehearsal. I'm so happy that it was productive and no one complained about how long it was! #LifeofAChoirDirector

So happy that my landlord FINALLY came to fix my faucet AND I got my favorite treat! #MangoMistoOnDeck

Even on this crazy day, hand delivered by Satan himself, I'm so glad God sent blessings thru Mr. Postman! hehe #SpecialDelivery #shoeholic 

This day started with car repair "sticker shock" but ended with a great meal in a window seat at Honeygrow. Ah, the little things! #Honeygrow

If you would like to participate in the 100 Happy Days Challenge, click here. Join me!

What makes you happy? Share!

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